Book a Henna Party!

Mehndi is the art of applying henna designs to the hands and feet to attract good energy.  We do henna bookings one of 2 ways, as a public or private event.

Public events

Public events do not require a booking fee and we charge by the design, between $5, for a small design to $20 for a large design that extends from fingertips to forearm.

Private Events/Parties: 

Private events are charged by the hour and distance to travel. An average party booking is for 2 hours and costs $120.  This allows for about 12-16 guests to receive tattoos, depending on the complexity of the designs chosen.  If all three artists attend, the price increases to $175, but we can do more tattoos!

To book a henna party, please send me an email at or call me @ 937-901-8351.

Thank you very much ~WendiB

Note:  Henna tattoos that have the appearance of a traditional black tattoo are NOT true henna.  p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) is a dye that is added to the henna and it extremely caustic to some skin.

We do NOT ever use “black” henna.